When partnering with us, the handling of finances is plain sailing

Administrative tasks can be a burden, especially when not well organized and managed. We offer multiple advanced solutions to help with your financial administration and company and property management. By partnering with us and our crew of professional experts, you can forget all about learning the ropes of financial tasks and systems and focus on developing your business.

Financial Administration

We are an authorized, experienced and committed partner to navigate your finances

We offer a wide variety of financial and administrational services to account for your every need. Our portfolio includes advanced solutions for financial administration, including bookkeeping, accounting, consolidated accounts, comprehensive reporting  as well as payroll administration that help us develop and streamline the most efficient services for our clients. 

Our thriving ambition, top-notch infrastructure and proven commitment enable us to handle multiple types of financial administrative tasks and tame even the stormiest waves in your processes. Acting responsibly and respecting our agreements are at the very top of our values.  Proactive client care is the guiding light of our entire operations. 

  • Accounting and Reporting Services
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    Keep your bookkeeping shipshape

    One of the perks of modern electronic accounting is that we are able to store all of your valuable data in one place. This saves both time and nerves and allows us to concentrate on the complete picture.

    Our bookkeeping and administrative management services can be adjusted to fit the needs of both our domestic and international customers. Most of our services are available as flexible e-accounting solutions that provide easy, practical and profitable ways for modernizing your bookkeeping. Due to their adaptable nature, these e-systems can either be managed by us or by your own team. It's up to you to decide!

    By partnering with us, your financial management can easily be designed to make use of a range of well-known accounting and ERP systems, such as:

    • Visma Fivaldi
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Talgraf Accuna
    • Fatman and Visma Fivaldi for Property Administration
    • Basware

    We also offer customized systems to fit your every need.

  • Customized Payroll Administration and HR
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    All aboard!

    Customer care and employee wellbeing are among our own core values, which is why we believe trustworthy HR services should be available for all. We make sure that everything is handled lawfully and responsibly from day one.

    One of the key financial responsibilities of human resources is making sure every employee gets paid. With our customized payroll services, salaries are paid accordingly and safely. We will make sure that calculations are made on time and with care and that the information that passes between us and banks is properly encrypted. Let us help you keep your crew jolly and motivated.

  • CFO and Controller Services
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    We help you navigate winds of change

    We know that the positions of both CFO and Controller require skills, expertise and managing multiple tasks and responsibilities. Our companionship is based on mutual trust and commitment, including establishing legal entities, accounting, reporting and other related consulting services. These specific and tailor-made solutions allow you to focus on your core business areas, while your finances are handled with quality and care. 

    Often a Navigator Partners’ Director is nominated as acting CFO or Controller for a certain transition time and he/she will be actively involved in recruiting necessary successors. Whilst captaining the finances of your business, we offer our expertise for:

    • accounting
    • payroll
    • invoicing
    • payment
    • budgeting
    • liquidity planning
    • financial and performance measuring and reporting
    • annual reports and corresponding accounts
    • income and other tax issues and tax returns
    • assistance in financing arrangements and negotiations

  • International Services
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    Setting sail towards a foreign dock

    Although many companies operate internationally these days, there are still multiple administrative tasks and concerns to take care of before entering a new market. We can help you set sail when planning to set up operations or a subsidiary in Finland.

    Our international services included, for instance, tax, legal and HR services to ensure that your business is carried out according to local regulations and employer agreements. Furthermore, we can help you get in touch with local authorities and advice you with the necessary paperwork to get your business up and running in Finland. Get in touch to discuss your internationalization plans in more detail.

Company Management

We supply tools and services to facilitate the development of your company management

We provide comprehensive services for managing and administrating Finnish legal entities. We believe that a creative, resourceful and client-oriented mindset is needed for inventing and providing the most efficient solutions for our clients. 

Our palette of services includes general and financial administration that cover everything from establishing and administrating legal entities to bookkeeping, financial accounting, payment services and bank account control, tax services, property management and keeping of all company records.

  • Company Administration
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    Full speed ahead or survival in mind?

    Situations can change, which is why our company administration services cover different types of needs and adjust targets according to your current aspirations. Whether you are looking for a partner to accelerate growth or to rescue a sinking ship, we have the skills and tools for it.

    For us company administration entails developing comprehensive, functional and long-term financial solutions and processes. Our aim is to support and develop your core business with improved financial and administrative systems. The first steps for an improved company administration strategy might require reevaluating and fine-tuning, for example, the internal processes of budgeting, procurement, reporting, planning and bookkeeping.

  • General Company Management
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    We provide the much-needed bird's-eye view

    Sometimes an outsider's perspective can help detect possible bottlenecks in management and that is ultimately the goal of our company management services. We wish to improve your overall business by setting clear targets and by using smart systems.

    Our general company management services include, for instance, assessing your business' profitability, drafting cash flow statements and reports and designing brand new operating models with specific KPIs. Our company management services are supported by our extensive experience as a trusted finance and HR partner and we provide these services and tools to advance the creation of useful management strategies.

  • Services for Family Offices and Asset Managers
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    Think of us as your extended crew

    Family-run, private offices and asset managers are often short-staffed, which is why we are here to help. We provide an extensive set of services for managing the administration of family wealth and asset ownerships. 

    Much like businesses, family and private offices require assistance and advice with administrational routines, reporting and the handling of financial responsibilities, taxation and other tasks requiring proper governance. We understand that family and private offices need expertise that considers both the professional and personal side of asset management, and an advisor that keeps both aspects in mind when planning objectives and structures for the administration. We do not provide investment advice or similar services —we are the professionals that take care of processes once "the investment decision has been made". As such, we never compete with asset managers and investment advisors — in fact, we are the administrative arm of such enterprises.

    We are accustomed to working with both businesses and high net worth individuals, which is why we are capable of understanding different needs and skilled at providing flexible, personalized solutions.

Property Management

Your property will be managed from stem to stern

We take care of your property with an owner’s touch. Our key philosophy in property management has always been to operate from the proprietor's perspective and this includes drafting and maintaining a clear set of goals and needs that the tenants or other users may have. Our expertise takes care of all aspects of property management: its processes, systems as well as all the professional skills that are often required to manage the entire life cycle of an estate. We can help you in all steps of the way, starting from acquisition and control all the way to accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and, finally, disposal.

Avoiding loose canons and deep waters

We believe that prevention prevails, and property issues should be managed before they even surface. Our services have always focused on crisis prevention and forecasting over problem resolution. This way, we can assure you that your property is managed and steered with a steady hand and that our focus stays on the essentials: asset value and increased levels of comfort, service and tenant retention.

  • Property Financials
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    In our hands, your property is as safe as houses

    There are several financial administration services that we can offer to help you better manage your property. Most commonly, our partnerships in this area focus on, for example, rental agreements, rent collection and rent rolls, bookkeeping and all-inclusive tax services including VAT, income and property tax issues as well as finalizing the annual report. 

    If you wish to know more about investments in property and real estate, we can set up and manage holding vehicles in cooperation with your legal advisers.

    Our property financial services include:

    1. Rent collection and rent roll
    2. Preparation and distribution of notices, reports, meeting minutes and other correspondence as requested by the owner
    3. Accounts payable service
    4. Monthly or quarterly financial reporting which includes the following:
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Budget vs. actual general ledger
    • Tenant receivable report
    • Cash flow reports and projections
    • Development of the fiscal budget
    • Preparing the annual report
    • Managing the annual audit
    • Preparing and reporting the Tax Return
    • Customized reporting for special needs
    • Monthly or quarterly management report
  • Property Maintenance
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    We take the helm of maintenance management

    We care for your property with a full set of services that take into account the entire lifecycle of the estate. As experienced and responsible property managers, we always select the best professionals from our team to make sure that all necessary day-to-day maintenance as well as technical and security issues are being handled. 

    Our services include lease administration, operating and maintenance services, operating and capital budgeting, vendor management, property accounting and all major reporting formats and building maintenance on request. Please contact us for more information, as we are always willing to customize our services to better fit our custmers' needs.

    Our Property Maintenance Services include:

    • Striving for high tenant retention
    • Active and responsive customer service
    • Regular communication with property owners
    • Preventative maintenance approach
    • Negotiation services such as utilities, snow removal  and landscaping
    • On-site management or periodic site inspections as requested by the owner
    • Preparing of scope of services for vendor bidding
    • Supervision of contractors and vendors
    • Keeping of all property files and tenant records
    • Assistance in project management of construction projects, additions and upgrades
    • Contacts with local building authorities
    • Property security and crisis management

Advisory Services

What matters to you, matters to us

Customer care has always been the driving force of our operations and we try our best to anticipate your wishes and needs. We treat your business as if it were our own and always strive to keep the owner’s view and the CFO’s perspective in mind. To achieve this target, our practical business execution and enhancement services have been built to support the growth of company value. We provide services focusing on all-encompassing business development and offer effective financial management tools to measure and ensure that standard shareholder criteria are being met.

Our advisory services can be customized to fit the needs of both private and corporate customers. Together we can find a solution that best answers to your needs. We offer a crew of experienced professionals and a reliable partner, no matter whether you are seeking advice for solving business issues or matters regarding finance, investors and financiers. Our services also incorporate negotiation assistance for different transaction opportunities.

Services for Foundations

Our services for foundations enable you to focus on fulfilling the foundation's purpose, while we take care of the foundation's ongoing administration to the extent you wish and ensure that the special requirements placed on your foundation’s management are met. Are you considering founding or reshaping a foundation? We are here as an advisor and a resource. In addition to bookkeeping and financial administration, we are here to help you with, among other things, work within the foundation's Board of Directors, agreements, close circle issues, support processes, amendments to the articles of association, reorganizations, and other legal matters. We are here as your sparring partner and resource for ongoing arrangements or individual assignments.

If you are considering establishing a foundation, we are here as your advisor.